Tobacco Usage – Research Paper Sample

Tobacco has remained to be the most widely used drug all over the world despite its negative effects to human health. In this article, you will see a sample research paper provided by this service “My Paper Writer“. It is used by both male and females. According to several researches it has been noted that tobacco smoking is responsible for more deaths annually than any other related hazards such as illicit brews and road accidents.

Smoking of tobacco affects the body both internally and externally. Some of the effects of occur after one has started smoking while others occur in the long term life of the smoker. Amongst young people who engage in smoking at early age it leads to addiction hence the youngsters cannot easily leave the smoking. As a result of addiction, most young people continue to use tobacco that eventually lowers the functioning of lung and its growth rate.Furthermore; in adults it causes heart disease such as heart attack and stroke. Scientists suggest that someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes each day lives less 7 years of his life expectancy and to the early smokers it increase the risk of lung cancer infection. Lung cancer is the most common ailment risk that smokers have to endure with as they smoke in their day to day life. So as an individual continues, he/she increases the risk of cancer infection.

Recent studies have suggested that the level of psychological distress is more in smokers than in non-smokers adults thus it indicates that smoke leads to exposure of high levels of mental stress.Moreover,it was found out that smoking is a cause for most divorce in many couples. It suggested that smokers have a 54 per cent greater chance of divorcing their wives than nonsmokers.Tobacco smoking is a dangerous drug that kills most people over the world many campaigns are been carried to discourage young people from tobacco smoking and recommending a way for the already addicted.

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