"This piece of Norway in the heart of Brooklyn," Nordic Delicacies was founded in 1987 in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn by Helene Bakke and her daughter, Arlene Rutuelo. Their goal was to preserve their Scandinavian heritage in a neighborhood that once was home to over 250,000 Scandinavians, the largest concentration of Scandinavians in the United States.

It wasn't long before the Bakke family was inundated with special requests for store items from the many Scandinavians who had left Brooklyn. Could they please just mail out the Husmor fishballs this once? What started out as a simple favor has burgeoned into an ongoing mail order business covering over 300 food items and 100 gift items and apparel.

Today from their 1700 square foot store, Helene and Arlene manage a thriving retail, mail order and catering business that sells hundreds of Scandinavian homemade and imported food and gift items to people of all ethnic backgrounds.

And yes, they do have trolls.